Privacy Policy for the app "Keep a diary"


This document informs you of the privacy policy of the Windows app "Keep a diary".

Personal Data

The app saves the text entered by the user (such as diary entries, notes) in a local application folder or to a file stored in a location determined by the user. Beyond that, no personal data are collected, evaluated, stored or transmitted by the app.

Pictures And Videos

The app has access to the picture and video libraries, to display or playback photos and videos matching the diary texts. These image and video files are not modified, stored, or transmitted in any form. Access to these files can be disabled in the app’s settings or limited to specific folders.

Internet Connection

The app allows you to dictate text. For that purpose, it utilizes the speech recognition services provided by Windows 10. Speech recognition generally requires an Internet connection. Over this, the texts dictated by the user may be transferred for speech recognition purposes and evaluated online. For this functionality, the Microsoft privacy policy applies. The user can switch off the dictation functionality completely by withdrawing the app’s permission to accessing the microphone in the Windows settings.


This privacy policy may be revised at any time to account for new or changed functionality of the app. You are therefore advised to review the privacy policy from time to time.